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The Future of Occupational Health is Here 

Compnurse is a comprehensive virtual workers' compensation triage system.  Driven by a passion to connect injured & ill workers with appropriate workers' compensation care, Compnurse provides your organization with the assurance of competent occupational triage at the point of injury.

By partnering with Compnurse, your organization gains:​

  • Point-of-injury triage with an Occupational Health Nurse

  • A clear understanding of the reported mechanism of injury

  • Objective and subjective findings

  • Non-recordable treatment modalities

  • Collaboration between the nurse and the company representative

  • Follow-up care to ensure compliance with the plan of care toward resolution

Compnurse is operated by Certified Occupational Health Nurses and Certified Case Managers.  With a commitment to excellent customer service, we strive to ensure that the needs of your employees and your organization are met at every visit.  We seamlessly integrate into existing managed care systems, supporting:

  • Reduced time away from work

  • Reduced TRIR and DART Rate

  • Reduced indemnity claims

  • Avoidance of unnecessary ER and Urgent Care Visits

But Compnurse doesn't stop there!  If imaging or other diagnostics are required to determine the extent of injury, we can connect your employee with an advanced practice provider who can order the necessary testing to gain a clear, comprehensive picture of the extent of the injury.

For more information, please connect with us!

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