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Thinking Like a Boss

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Obviously there are good legal and ethical reasons to protect the health of your employees and customers. We will not waste time here discussing the immense value of hiring and maintaining a clean and sober workforce, providing them with a safe work environment, and the required compliance testing and physicals needed to ensure their health, welfare and physical ability to do their jobs.

What makes it hard for the Human Resources (HR) manager is presenting soft costs and preventative measures to a leadership table that is accustomed to profit and loss.

Along with the liability risks, there are real pocket-book expenses tied to work-related injuries, health risks not discovered due to lack of required medical surveillance, turnover, absenteeism, poor productivity, downtime, and medical and legal expenses – including those due to accidental deaths.

No matter the size of your business, the benefits of providing a safe and compliant workplace far outweigh the cost, especially when working with a professional health and wellness management firm.

Perhaps the easiest ways to demonstrate financial “proof” is to look at your past expenses and compare them to the expenses had they been managed by WCMS.

Our complimentary 30-minute Cost and Compliance Comparison Review gives you clarity on raw cost (although prevention, the best cost-savings opportunity, cannot really be calculated.)

Comparing numbers is easy. Simply provide WCMS with a 12-month history of your workers’ compensation costs (loss run with reserve tallies), number of OSHA recordables and lost and restricted time days, number and type of drug screens, number and type of medical surveillance tests and physicals, and we will show you how much those services would cost using our on-site services.

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