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Indiana - Fighting the Backlog of Covid Supplies

While Covid-19 tests were relatively easy to source toward the end of 2021, the uptick in acute respiratory infections has led to yet another Covid-19 test shortage. The State of Indiana uses around 50,000 tests per week, but only receives 11,000. The disparity between these two numbers has led to some changes to who can be tested by state and local health department testing sites.

Starting 1/4/2022, rapid tests provided by the health department will only be used for those patients who are 50 years of age or older AND are symptomatic. Also to be tested are those 18 years of age and younger.

For employers, this creates yet another challenge - What do do with employees who have symptoms, but cannot receive a test?

Aside from enforcing Covid quarantine policies on all those with symptoms, seeking a private organization to provide your tests, or securing your tests through an established provider is of the utmost importance to maintain attendance.

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